Vacation & Weekend Haul

Vacation & Weekend Haul

The last few weeks have been an absolute blur!! About 3 weeks ago I got sick with Covid and then all three of our boys got sick, too, and was sick for 11 days. Getting back at it took several days. I was just weak and didn't have the ambition or energy to clean or do anything. Slowly, but surely, I'm back to my old self again (with the exception of some congestion). Getting back into my routine and working out is really helping me feel more "human".

This weekend, there's a big sale on fonts & designs where I like to get stamps from. I made a Facebook post about what items I thought you all would be interested in. Please go there and give me your input! They have all 12 constellations, angel babies, and "truck loads" of pumpkins, presents, Christmas tree, hearts, Easter eggs, and carrots. They also have lots of fonts! I'm planning on getting as much as my budget allows. These items will likely take 2-3 MONTHS to be delivered to me because this is a huge sale they have every year. So, this fall, keep an eye out for new, fun things!

Also, we leave for vacation to Tennessee on Sunday!! Eek!! We are extremely excited!!! We won't be back until July 17 so I will be unreachable the 11th-17th. I will return messages July 19th. Expect any orders the rest of this week and all of next week to take a week longer than usual. Normal is about 7-10 business days. All orders are caught up at this point. This trip is much needed since all 4 of us just recovered from Covid. Thanks for understanding!!

I hope you all have an amazing Wednesday and the rest of the week!!

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