Summer Break

Summer Break

Well, the Mother's Day rush is over and we are near the end of another school year. What's next? Baseball!! One Camp!! Summer Camps (yes, that was meant to be plural 😁)!!!

We still have about a week left before school is out and then lots of baseball games every week and lots of summer camps that the boys are attending. I will keep an updated calendar on my Facebook group so everyone can stay up to date on stamping progress.

As of now, I am completely caught up with orders so I have had some time to reassess things and play around a bit making new designs!! I have had some turquoise things laying on my desk for about a month. I've been so busy with orders, I haven't had the time to even think about trying that stuff out. So, watch out!! Everything will have turquoise on it soon! Lol!!

I only have 4 days the rest of the month that is available to hammer things. I have a calendar in the announcements tab in the Facebook group for May. I will get a June calendar posted as soon as June gets here and things calm down after school is out. Everyone stay safe! Stay healthy! And God bless you all for supporting my small business. 😚

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