Flash Friday with Extra Discounts

Flash Friday with Extra Discounts

I hope everyone had an amazing week last week and an even better weekend. Yesterday morning and early afternoon were spectacular, weather wise!! I went for a bike ride with the boys and we put the volleyball net up. Then....the storm came, blew in tons of hail, and it dropped 25+⁰!!!!! Crazy!

This week's Flash Friday deals are up to peak at on the website. Go browse to see if you can get an idea on what you want to add to your cart. Remember, the extra discount doesn't apply until Friday. Happy shopping!!

Also, the pieces in my "favorite" collection are all on sale as well!!! Any flash Friday discounts will be added ON TOP of any other sales on the website. There's potential to actually get 20% off your order on Friday's. Can I get a whoop whoop? 🙌

Have a blessed week ahead!




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